Build it Bold

The Karagah creative advertising agency based in Rasht with a young and tested group. We are happy that through the years of our professional activity we tested our group in different kind of experiments in industry and advertising and with making the way of success smooth, we convey brands to their desire with researching, scrutiny and awareness methods. Since the range of creativity and innovation is spaceless, The Karagah creativity Think tank is continuity studying and discovering dynamic and new designs hence for making itself prepare for any kind of obstacle, and carefully scrutiny clients successful sale market in every directions and eventually present new and practical solution. At first place, the purpose of The Karagah team is the efflorescence and profitability in selling for client because we are aware that each client considered a wealth for its selling market and undoubtedly a growing and progress efficiency for the main advertisement of its brand. With considering this task The Karagah explore a sufficiency and present visual and creative solutions for ascensional process of a successful chart. This achievement doesn’t follow quiescence but will always be with extention, progression and greaten the intended collection. For expanding and enlarging its clients The Karagah is always setting plans and ideas.


You can count on The Karagah in any kind of advertising such as:

► consultation

► generating content

► naming

► Ideation

► slogan 

► branding

► logo design

► logotype design

► corporating identity design

► illustration 

► environmental advertising

► advertising campaign

► poster design

► catalogue design

► brochure design

► packaging design

► Printing

► Printing supervision

► website 

► industrial photography

► making motion graphic 

► advertising teaser 

► industrial movies

Remember that The Karagah will take all your brand aspects in account and will present you new creative solutions for bettter competition with other companies. So, for your better process leave your hard task to our agency.

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